Zowie AM Gaming mouse

Zowie AM Gaming mouse bottom

Looking at the bottom we can see nice red glossy bottom of the mouse, we see that they have two mouse glidez mounted already and there is also a black DPI button which allows you to change DPI on the fly.

How do you guys like the bigger images by the way?

Zowie AM Gaming mouse usb cable

They have gold coated the USB connector, it looks nice but articles have proven it does not make any difference for your gaming.

You get about 2 meters of cable with this mouse which is more than enough.



I have been testing the mouse for some time now and I can tell you that it is very sensitive at the highest DPI setting and even on the others. Mouse rate tester shows an average 1033Hz rate on the mouse which is very good.

The mouse itself is comfortable and since it works for both left and right handed gamers/users I see that it has a very broad market also due to its many buttons it has.

I like it very much, the scroll wheel is I mentioned a bit to stiff still after using it for awhile so that will be a con, it also has no software which is a good and a bad thing. The good thing is you don’t need to install anything so it works on the fly but gamers might want a software to play around with and change settings.

Our recommendations go out to this mouse, and you can pick it up for around 45-50$ which is lower than most gaming mice on the market currently.


+ No drivers needed
+ Left and right handed
+ Nice cord
+ DPI button
+ A lot of buttons


– Stiff scroll wheel
– No software


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  1. Kean2000 says:

    Cons: No software

    LOL ? Naos has software and one of the best…
    download it here: http://support.mionix.net/categories/20014118-software-manual-downloads

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