Zowie AM Gaming mouse


Zowie AM Gaming mouse

As mentioned this mouse is very much like a couple of other mice on the market with a few small differences. For example it is a bit thinner than the others but it still fits well in my hand and feels comfortable.

Zowie AM Gaming mouse left buttons

The left side has been equipped with two thumb buttons that are actually very well placed so you can quickly click on the buttons while gaming.

Zowie AM Gaming mouse scroll

They have not placed any buttons on the top of the mouse but the scroll wheel feels a bit stiff to use, perhaps it will loosen up after some more usage.

Otherwise I have to admit the scroll wheel is nice with a rubber feel over it so you dont slip while using it.

Zowie AM Gaming mouse right side buttons

On the right side they have also placed a couple of buttons but I have never got around to using buttons on the right side since I don’t like the placement of the buttons. However, for people that do like this,  this mouse has a couple of them.

I think I would personally use the buttons more if they were placed a bit lower on the mouse since I have my pinky  lower on the right side so it does not feel natural to use it with the current button placement.

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  1. Kean2000 says:

    Cons: No software

    LOL ? Naos has software and one of the best…
    download it here: http://support.mionix.net/categories/20014118-software-manual-downloads

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