Zoho projects, your online planner

Got a company and alot of projects going on with various co-workers? Zoho projects might have a solution for you with their online project managment software.

Zoho Project Manager helps you and your teams to work together at a more efficient speed allowing you to make more money, something that we all strive for.

This online software allows you to organize tasks, track time, analyze reports, simplify your work and manage projects on the go.

On their website, you can take a tour of the software, a slide shows various images from the software itself and I gotta admit it looks very nice. You have tabs to simplify the software and make it less complicated for all users, you got a tasks tab, meetings etc etc.

This software cost from 20$ to 80$ depending on what plan you want to go for. The more space and functions you need the more it will cost of course.

It looks like the “Premium” package looks like the best buy, you get Dropbox integration which is worth quite a bit these days and also Google sync for tasks.

One feature I really like is the Time Tracking and Billing feature, today more and more people work online and business owners have problems tracking how efficient the workers are and this feature allows you to track how long it takes to do certain jobs and also allows you to send invoices for payments.

Overall this seems like a very nice piece of online software for even the smallest business owner.

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