Zboard Merc Keyboard


Zboard Merc Keyboard Zboard Merc Keyboard
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On both the left and right picture we get a closer look on what keys there really are. The left picture shows very well that the gamer part is extremely well made for the FPS gamer with all the buttons placed so you can reach them at critical times. What I have to question though is how do people with longer fingers than me use the keys as I have quite short fingers and I find it perfect for me. Might just be me though as im not a FPS gamer.

On the right picture you can see what I talked about, the blue are the numbers and the white shows that there are different actions on the buttons if you do not push down the Num lock buttons pretty much as on a standard keyboard.
Zboard Merc Keyboard Zboard Merc Keyboard
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On the top left you have buttons for playing music, you can turn up the volume, change songs, mute etc, these are there for your convinience so you can change songs and don’t have to change anything in windows itself. The bottom is equipped with two plastic feet that you can tip out so you get the keyboard a bit higher.


Zboard Merc Keyboard Zboard Merc Keyboard
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It’s time to take a look at the software that is included on the cd, you install the software and after that is done you get a small icon down by your clock in windows. If you doubleclick on it the software pops up and you can do changes. As standard you get up a default setup which you can change also. In the small menu you can also look for updates to the keyboard software with new layouts.

On these pictures we have taken layouts from two very popular games these days; Battlefield 2 and World of Warcraft. On the left we have the WOW setup and we can see that all the buttons that are used are included, I am a WOW player and I have done some testing with this and I have to admit it makes things easy for you. The only problem is that you have to learn the buttons since there are actions printed on the keys already which is just default.

The right picture on the other hand shows the Battlefield 2 keys. Now I’m not a FPS gamer but I have played it at LAN ages ago and I know what is needed for a good keyboard setup. This keyboard has what it takes to even satisfy the pickiest gamer.


This is a great keyboard there is no doubt about it. I think you can conclude this with one word “Perfection”. It has everything you need when it comes to normal usage, gaming, fps gaming, and pretty much any type of gaming. The keyboard itself feels awesome to type on and it’s quiet and it has all the functions a normal keyboard has. This keyboard makes gaming fun and alot easier than a normal keyboard does where you have to configure everything on different keys that are not in use already. I want to give this 5 out of 5 and our editors choice award and one again say one word “Perfection”.


+ Light
+ Easy to use
+ Good software
+ Quiet
+ Extremly nice to type on


– None this far

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