Zaward Vapor 120 Cpu cooler



When we first go the vapor 120 I was not sure of what to expect with the dimples on the fan and on the heat-sink fins. I was really doubtful of how well the dimples would improve the performance or the airflow. I can say that I was truly impressed with just how well the unit worked.

The dimple effect moved about 93 CFM of air and with the optional second fan I am sure it would move quite a bit more. This cooler should be more than ample to handle even the hottest CPU’s including the upcoming 6 core CPU’s from amd and everything that intel has for sometime to come.

For the overclocker crowd this cooler should be able to handle decent overclocks and with a second fan even more and I would venture to say that I would probable be able to hit 4Ghz on the air with this cooler.

If you need an inexpensive high performance cooler this should be on your short list.


+ Great performance
+ Dimple fan and fins
+ Easy to install and very quiet.
+ Universal socket support


– Blue LED fan
– Sort of  loud

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