Zaward Vapor 120 Cpu cooler

Specifcations and features

Today we have the pleasure of having the new Zaward Vapor 120 on the test bench to review.  This seems to be a massive cooler with some decent specifications. We are going to see how well it performs and how loud it actually is.

About Zaward:

Zaward Corporation was founded in 1996 as the sole worldwide agent of Globefan Technology Co., Ltd., one of the leading manufacturers of DC fans that established since 1986 in Taiwan to provide major personal computer power supply companies with the best quality products.

For the efforts over the decade, the company has built her reliable reputation and gained clients’ trust on her high standard of engineering and well-developed quality control system.

As the company grew, it put together the thermal solution R&D team and started work on big OEM projects mainly from German and Japanese electrical companies. With full support from Globefan, the company has consistently met the strict demands of its customers.

While technology is progressing rapidly, reduction in costs are always called for. Due to market changes, the company has decided to promote their own products.

In year 2005, Zaward & Globefan setup the new R&D center; thermal solution lab in Taipei, Taiwan for OEM customerized project and for its own product development.

At the same time, the new noise lab and wind tunnel have installed in China factory to fulfill our research and development for high technology, more advanced products. Meanwhile to have the complete test equipment for more strict quality control and application purpose.

As you can see Zaward has been around for a good long time so they have experience in the cooler market. Lets see how there experience worked out for the Vapor 120.


Application Socket
Intel LGA775, LGA1156, LGA1366
AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, 754, 939, 940
Dimension 120 (W) x 50 (D) x 160 (H) mm
Fin Aluminum alloy with 3 x O8mm copper heatpipes
Base Aluminum with H.D.T
Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Voltage rate DC 12V
Consumption current 0.45A max.
Input power 5.4W max.
Air pressure 3.47 mmAq
Bearing type Long life Duro bearing
Speed 300±200 rpm ~ 2000±10%
Air flow 93.96 CFM max.
Noise level 10~34.3 dBA
Connector 4 pin with PWM function
LED 4 blue
Life Expectancy 60,000 hours
Thermal resistance 0.15 °C/W
Weight(Net) 684 ± 20g

As you can see this cooler can handle just about any platform you throw at it. It can also handle more than one fan for a push-pull configuration which would increase the cooling ability of the unit by quite a bit. Here are some of the features of the unit.

  • Patented heatsink with breathing effect design for most energy saving and low noise level.
  • Patented backplate mounting kit applicable for LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA775, AM3, AM2, AM2+ and K8.
  • Patented copper heat pipe direct touch (H.D.T.) with CPU to absorb the heat efficiently.
  • Patented Golf Fan with PWM function for speed adjustment.
  • Dual fan installation option.
  • Assembly easily and friendly.
  • Dual direction installation option for AMD sockets.

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