Zalman LED Desk lamp

You have most likely read or heard of Zalman before. They are well known when it comes to cases, fans, fan controllers, cpu coolers and a lot of different products; but what you have probably not heard of is that Zalman now makes a LED Desk lamp. This is a world first as far as I know since this product is not on the market yet, and I have not seen any reviews of it.

So todays review will be on the Zalman LED Desk lamp ZM-LS300T, my question is how good is Zalman at making LED lamps…  lets find out!

About Zalman:

Read more about Zalman on their website,


Size 5,5x5x1,6mm
CRI 75 or more
Color temperature 6,600~7,200K
Life 50,000 Hours

Material AB, Steel, Aluminum, PET
Dimensions 206x206x413 mm (81x81x163 in)
Adapter 12V/2A (110-240V)
Illuminance 200~1400 Lux (35cm distance)
Weight 1,2Kg
Operating Temperature -10~+40 C

The Product:

Zalman LED Desk lamp box Zalman LED Desk lamp foot
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Big lamp, big box that’s all that I can say 🙂 It is packed nicely in this box so it should withstand any potential damage during shipping.

The lamp itself is white and black and will look very nice on any table out there due to its futuristic design.

Zalman LED Desk lamp cord Zalman LED Desk lamp power plugin
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Inside the box you will find the power adapter along with the power cable itself that you hook up to the adapter. The power cable is finally hooked onto the back of the desk lamp itself as we can see on the right image. The lamp foot itself can be turned a full 360 degrees so you can aim the lamp wherever you wish.

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