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Well we review pretty much anything and today is the first time we are reviewing a pen mouse. We got a sample from Waawoo on their latest product which we will test tonight. Pen mice have not been so popular so it will be interesting to see how this mouse works. If you are in the market for one you should stay tuned.

About Waawoo:

In 2002, we came up to create and lead the input device paradigm of IT and telecommunication device & system based upon our accumulated core technology over the past fifteen year in laser, optical and image processing field.

In particular, our goal is aimed at implementing human health and happiness in life through concentrating on convenient device utilization, which is cemented on the really sophisticated technology to design optic structure and integrate the whole thing into compact space.

In PC area, Wow-Pen Mouse, the real pen shaped optical mouse and handwriting pen features perfectly healthcare, portable and versatile device getting over the structural disadvantages of the conventional optical mouse in view of healthcare, critical shortcomings of portability and limited functions. In terms of OA, our proprietary Wow Digital Pen is designed to perform completely digitalized writing anytime and anywhere followed by downloading the relevant data onto PC controlling the data on demand. When it comes to mobile telecommunication area, Wow Pen-Phone is created to make the most enlargement of the user-friendly and versatile function by performing 100% free input of handwriting and graphics anytime and anywhere instead of the conventional input buttons.


Resoultion : 650 DPI
Frames : 2,300 f/sec/1scroll wheel/1tip
Port : USB, PS/2
Cable : 1.5m USB
Dimension : 23*15*150��(0.83*0.59*5,91 inch)
Weight : 25g
Reading angle : 32~74 deg. up and down
45~45 deg. left and right
Materlal : body-PC(Poly Carbonate)
Color : light violet, white, black, Metalic Silver
Transparent : Light violet, Sea Blue

Dimension : 51*73*32��(20.00*2.81*1.26 inch)
Weight : 18g
Material : body-Acetal bottom-ABS
Color : black
Transparent : black

Rest of specifications

The product:

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It was very well packed when it arrived to us, you can see the pen and the holder on the right side of the box and on the box it’s explained what all the parts and buttons are for.

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So what is included with this product? Well there’s the pen and a holder, but there is also two mousepads that work very well with this product. A manual also for those who like to read them 🙂 This pen mouse is USB so with WinXP for example it’s just plug and play.

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Closer picture on the holder and the manual. On top of the pen you have left/right click button in silver color and under it you have the scroll wheel. When I tried the mouse the first time I could not figure out how to use it but after checking the manual I got it figured out and it’s actually pretty comfortable even for my small hand to use.

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The pen looks very nice in the holder and it stands very steady on the table so it won’t tip over. The cord could be a bit longer as they have decided not to run it cordless. On the right picture we can see the red led built in the top of the mouse pen which is the optical device that tracks the movements.


Well I would not use this in gaming but that’s not what it’s meant for anyways. It’s a cool product to own if you want to sign your emails or prefer to draw in Photoshop or something with a pen instead of the traditional mouse. It takes quiet a bit of time to get a grip of this thing but when you get on a roll you can do alot of fun stuff with it. For me this is good as I’m left handed but use my normal mouse in my right hand so I can switch hands by using the pen mouse in my left hand and relax my right hand for awhile. You can have it plugged in at the same time as your normal mouse andyou dont need any special drivers in Winxp. Well can it be perfect? well I would prefer a longer cord or corldes and a smaller size as my hands get tired of using this after awhile. It’s pretty much perfect for bigger hands but they should design it different or make two different products. All in all we give this 4 out of 5 for a great product that will be alot of help for you in your office. You can even use it with the holder on to get smooth lines and get more stability while using it.


+ Lightweight
+ Good looking
+ Stable holder
+ Well placed buttons
+ Well packed


– Needs longer cord or cordless
– I would prefer it to be thinner

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