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Installing the HDD cooler onto the hard drive is easy; simply install the cooler using four screws and plug in the 4-pin power connector.The cooler has slots where the screws go, allowing you to adjust the exact placement of the cooler (though the cooler takes up most of the length of the hard drive).The fan operates very quietly; I would call it a �silent� fan.

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Unfortunately, the installation problems that I experienced with the Orbiter cooler were magnified with this cooler.The design of the cooler increases the width of the hard drive, so much so that I was NOT able to install the hard drive/cooler combo into either of the two cases I tried out.As you can see by the right picture, jamming the hard drive into the slot forces the screw holes out of alignment.While some hard drive cages might be able to accommodate this design, Vizo should have designed their cooler to fit most applications.


Test System:
AMD 64+ 3200+ S939 Winchester
ECS RX480-A Motherboard
1 GB Corsair ValueSelect PC3200 DDR RAM
Western Digital 250 GB 7200 rpm harddrive

Idle temperatures were taken running Windows after 30 minutes and full loads were taken while running SiSandra�s Burn-in Module.Temperatures (in degrees Celsius) were recorded, with the results compared with a no HDD cooler and the previously reviewed single-fan Orbiter cooler.Ambient temp was about 22C.

As seen by the results, the dual-fan HDD cooler did lower the hard drive by a noticeable difference, beating the single-fan and the no-fan performance.


The Vizo Voyager HDD cooler is a simple product that delivers decent hard drive cooling performance.Unfortunately, this cooler has one major flaw: it is not compatible with all computer cases.That flaw, combined with a lack of certain useful features, prevents me from recommending this hard drive cooler for your next build, unless you see a great deal and are can figure out a way to install it.Overall, I would give the Vizo Voyager HDD cooler a 2 out of 5.


+ Silent operations
+ Easy to install onto hard drive
+ Good cooling performance


– Could not install the hard drive + cooler into the case
– No fan speed/temperature display
– No LEDs

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