Vizo Orbiter HDD cooler


As hard drive performance increases, hard drives are running faster and hotter than ever.Given how important the data stored on the drives is, keeping a hard drive up and running is a concern of many, especially if you�ve been a victim of a hard drive failure.Vizo, known for their wide range of computer products, offers a line of hard drive coolers that claims to give your hard drive that �cool and fabulous� feeling.Today we�ll be looking at their single-fan product, the Orbiter HDD cooler.Read on to find out more.

About Vizo:

About VIZO VIZO Technology Corp. mainly provide computer peripheral products to everywhere all over the world. We own the best team and complete innovation technology. Utilizing experiences for many years and sufficient skills, VIZO insist in developing innovative and nice quality products to meet mainstream users’ demands. VIZO supply the PC users variety of PC DIY products and peripherals, include Hard Drive External Enclosure, Multimedia storage, front panel, mouse, case fan, uv LED fan, system cooling, cold cathode light, crystal neon night, accessory, etc.

VIZO leads the trend of PC DIY and peripheral market; meanwhile, VIZO produce UV and LED effect products which can make your PC more stylish and unique. VIZO aim at non-stop improvement, continuous innovation, excellent design , firm development, and quality-improving technology. This is also the main reason for VIZO to keep putting all our effort in investigation and development. In order to being a leader in this high competitive field, VIZO requires the strict quality control process and highly recommended global product approval. Our Target is to let all the customers and end users acquire that VIZO equals to innovation, high quality, fast response and good service. We aim at achieving each customer’s satisfaction with our best quality. We also hope all the customers and end users can happily enjoy VIZO products!


Dimensions: 101.6 x 94.6 x 17.8 mm
DC Fan Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 15 mm ( 1 pce )
Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
Speed : 3200 RPM
Noise Level: 20 dBA
Max Air flow: 11.6 CFM
Rated Voltage: DC 12 V
Rated Current: 0.17 A
Compatibility: 3.5″ Bay


Easy to install for 3.5� HDD
Single fan provides the maximum airflow and pressure
Reduce hard disk drive temperature
Vogue design to decorate you PC
Extend hard disk drive lifetime
Low dBA level

The product:

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The Vizo Orbiter HDD cooler arrived in a Frisbee-like container shaped like the fan itself.The back of the package lists the features/specifications of the cooler and compares the cooler to a UFO.Vizo must have a thing for UFOs, since we recently reviewed another Vizo product, the UFO USB Hub, which was also shaped like a UFO.

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Opening up the package, the cooler is easily extracted revealing its small size.Many of the HDD coolers on the market are enclosures, which are DVD-drive sized cases that surround the hard drive and fit into the 5.25� bay.However, it also lacks the upgraded features that these enclosures offer, such as fan speed and temperature displays.As you can see by the pictures, this small cooler simply attaches to the bottom of the hard drive and flows air directly onto the hard drive.Along with the cooler, the package comes with 4 screws for attaching the cooler to the hard drive.

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