Vizo Mirrorbox 32-in-1 card reader


Today I’ll be reviewing Vizos 32 in 1 card reader the Mirror Box.Capable of reading memory cards from all sorts of devices from digital cameras to cell phones or PDAs, the Mirror Box will allow the user to transfer all these different types of data to their PC with just one USB cable and the small device.Read on to find out more.

About Vizo:

About VIZO VIZO Technology Corp. mainly provide computer peripheral products to everywhere all over the world. We own the best team and complete innovation technology. Utilizing experiences for many years and sufficient skills, VIZO insist in developing innovative and nice quality products to meet mainstream users’ demands. VIZO supply the PC users variety of PC DIY products and peripherals, include Hard Drive External Enclosure, Multimedia storage, front panel, mouse, case fan, uv LED fan, system cooling, cold cathode light, crystal neon night, accessory, etc.

VIZO leads the trend of PC DIY and peripheral market; meanwhile, VIZO produce UV and LED effect products which can make your PC more stylish and unique. VIZO aim at non-stop improvement, continuous innovation, excellent design , firm development, and quality-improving technology. This is also the main reason for VIZO to keep putting all our effort in investigation and development. In order to being a leader in this high competitive field, VIZO requires the strict quality control process and highly recommended global product approval. Our Target is to let all the customers and end users acquire that VIZO equals to innovation, high quality, fast response and good service. We aim at achieving each customer’s satisfaction with our best quality. We also hope all the customers and end users can happily enjoy VIZO products!


High speed USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.1)
High transfer rate of up to 480Mbps
Transfer files between PC and digital devices
Compact design, Lightweight
Plug and play for PC platform
LED indicator for power and status
USB powered device. Low power consumption , no external power is required
Access all different cards without any adapters (except T-flash)

Supported memory card formats can be found here

The product:

Vizo Mirrorbox 32-in-1 card reader Vizo Mirrorbox 32-in-1 card reader
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The Mirror Box comes in plastic casing, allowing you to see what you’re actually getting before you buy it.On the back is a list of tech specs as well as the supported media types; I only counted 31 by the way.

Vizo Mirrorbox 32-in-1 card reader

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Included with the Mirror box is a rather short USB cable and a user guide.While most users shouldn’t have a problem with the just over 3 foot long USB cable, another foot or two of reach would have been nice.The user guide simply shows you what each of the four slots are for and how exactly to insert your memory card.The Mirror Box itself is very appealing to the eye, the shiny black on chrome is nice.As well as being a good looking product, it’s also very compact and can easily be carried around.

Vizo Mirrorbox 32-in-1 card reader Vizo Mirrorbox 32-in-1 card reader
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On the top you can see the Power/Activity LED, which goes from green to yellow to indicated power and activity.The back just has the 5 pin USB connector which is not only how the data transfers, but also where the Mirror Box draws it’s power.On the front there are four different slots for all your different types of media cards.

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  1. fettman24 says:

    I have had my Revue connected for a while now. Still use it all the time. When I used to get home I would head to the computer room and check emails and Facebook and so on, maybe do a little surfing, then head to the TV room. Now I just go straight to the TV room and watch my ESPN while doing my stuff online. At work at DISH Network I also heard that you can get the Logitech Revue for only 179$, great deal!

  2. A True Revuer says:

    As a Revue owner, I wanted to clear up this hack review of what I think is a really solid product. This list of “pros and cons” you have here at the end is total crap and deceiving at best. The pure fact that you list only one pro and five cons makes a huge visual statement that there are a lot of problems with the device and not much salvageable. However, under review, I’d hope that your intelligent readers can see the difference between true facts and winy opinions. The first two cons i can agree with and would say are fair criticisms of the device, however, the last three are crap.

    “Poor mismatched styling on the device” – Really? Is this thing the centerpiece of your entertainment center with a spotlight on it, or is it just casually sitting with the other devices in your entertainment center (like a normal individual). I can give you that it’s not a work of art, but it doesn’t need to be. Calling its basic design which doesn’t scream for your attention amongst the other black-box products in your entertainment center is a positive in my opinion.

    Regarding the keyboard, I think it looks fine, and to list that as a con is somewhat trite. People are likely going to buy this device from a place like Best Buy where they’ll be able to see the keyboard out in front of them. I think it’s fair to say that from there, they can make their own assessments on how visually offensive the keyboard is. Again though, I think it looks fine. I also love that its a FULL SIZE QWERTY keyboard. This device is a gateway to connect your TV to the internet, to give it some sort of “thumbs only” input device would have been a far larger shortcoming. I use the keyboard on my lap when I need to type and it works fine; wonderfully even. I simply can’t fathom what you guys found so hard to use about the keyboard. It’s a keyboard… the same input device you’ve been using for over two decades now and what I’m assuming you used to type this hack review. Furthermore, you said that you wanted an input device about the size of a smartphone. That’s great, because they have those. They’re called “smartphones” and they can be used to control your Google TV. Yep. So with some research, you might have found that there are TWO free applications in the Android Market for the Revue. I personally prefer Google’s version, and I use just like a standard remote control. There’s also a great application for managing YouTube Leanback for the Android devices as well. Now if you have an iPhone, I don’t know what the story is, but that’s your own fault for buying an iPhone. You’ll get no sympathy from me there.

    Lastly, this whole deal with it not being a cable-cutting solution. While that’s a valid statement, the revue was never marketed as such. That’s like me complaining that my TV doesn’t make toast. The Revue (and Google TV) is a means for you to connect to the internet and search your TV listings for things you want to watch. The fact you can’t watch Hulu and other streaming video sites on the device yet is really something I blame the providers for more so than Google. It’s just another instance of the big conglomerates seeing a chance to make more money. However there are HUGE net neutrality issues with what Hulu and other sites are doing and I’d be surprised if the lawsuits that are out there don’t fall in Google’s favor.

    Now here are some of the blatant pros left off this list.

    “You don’t have to buy a new TV or Blu-Ray player” – There’s a lot of criticism out there that talks about how asinine it is to buy “another device” to hook up to your TV. Well, I already have a nice Blu-Ray player and a great TV, so if I want to enjoy Google TV, this is the way for me to go. I don’t mind adding the device either; especially since it now controls my TV, cable box and stereo, as well as Google TV.

    “Good Internet on TV experience” – While the browser does lag on scrolling from time-to-time, if you’ve ever tried to set up a HTPC, I’m sure the first thing you’ll notice is that you need to tweak the hell out of the browser. Out of the box, the browser on the Revue is set to display things perfectly on you widescreen TV.

    “It serves as an universal remote” – Using the same technology as the Harmony remotes, the Revue easily controls your TV, audio receiver, and set top box. Furthermore, you can customize shortcut keys on the keyboard to quickly preform actions. For instance, I’ve set up short cut keys to quickly change my TV and receiver between the cable/google TV, Blu-Ray player, and our Xbox 360.

    Overall, the only thing I’m really disappointed about two things. First, the lack of the App store, but even that should be getting launch at the next I/O. People forget, that while it’s built on Android, all the Android apps are really designed for a touch-screen interface and not a traditional keyboard/mouse interface. Second, that the Revue doesn’t let you add it other devices not connected to the Revue. For instance, the Harmony technology they use to allow the device to control the other peripherals is great, but I wish I could add in my Blu-Ray player to the IR blaster.

    Since I was, in marketing terms, an early adopter, I knew that this device would have it’s kinks but I’m confident that this product will be around for a while. It is worth buying now, but some people may want to wait for the next upgrade which should come this spring or early summer.

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