Vizo Armada II RAM Cooler Review

Our Toughts on the Vizo Armada 2

As computer performance increases, the need to cool the internal components of the computer becomes greater. While we focus a lot of attention on the CPU, video card, and case fan cooling solutions, another cooling product that is starting to become more prominent are RAM/memory coolers. Vizo, makers of a wide range of computer components, as released a new product, the Armada II RAM cooler, which offers a cooling solution for RAM sticks. Read on to find out if it makes a noticeable difference in performance.

About Vizo:
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· Unique clip design not to harm memory module and slot
· Clip has a skidproof pad to prevent sliding and provide reliable protection on memory module
· Flexible thickness for clip on memory module
· Compatible with all standard memory modules whether they have memory heatspreader with them or not
· Dual fans provide the maxima airflow and air pressure
· Excellent thermal performance and ultra silent
· Built-in cold blue LED lights
· Tool free & easy to install
· Patent Pending
· Housing Dimensions : 120mm x 35mm x 30mm
· DC Fan Dimensions : 40mm x 40mm x 10mm ( 2 PCS )
· Bearing Type : Sleeve Bearing
· Speed : 4500 RPM
· Noise Level < 20 dBA
· Max Air flow : 13.86 CFM x 2
· Rated Voltage : DC 12 V
· Rated Current :0.35 A x 2
· Compatibility : SDR / DDR / DDR II / DDRIII
· Weight : 45 g
The product:
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The Vizo Armada II HDD cooler arrived in a clear plastic package with the cooler displayed prominently in the front. The back of the package provides a list of product features and specifications.
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Opening up the package, the RAM cooler is easily extracted from the package. The most obvious features of the cooler are the fans; the two 40mm fans have attractive clear fins and are securely housed in the cooler case.   I also liked the clear body design which as you will see after installation takes on the nice blue glow of the LEDs during operation. Along with the cooler itself, the package comes with a rubber spacer for use with memory modules that don’t have a large heat spreader installed.
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The RAM cooler is connected to the memory sticks using a pair of adjustable clips, which are spring-loaded and have rubber padding on each side. The clips are attached to a track on the cooler which allows adjustment of their position, which is a handy feature. Given the design of the clips, they are mainly there to secure the fans in place; they dissipate little heat due to conduction, as opposed to more complex coolers I’ve seen that have embedded heat pipes running along the RAM contact surface.
As advertised, the Armada II RAM cooler was very easy to install and required no tools; simply slide a RAM stick in-between the clips and lock them down using the spring-loaded feature. Finally, plug in the cooler to a fan port on the motherboard and you have instant RAM cooling. The cooler operates very quietly; I could hardly hear the cooler over the other fans in my computer (though I do have quite a few fans running). Also, the blue LED glow was very bright and looked great. While I don’t have temperature sensors on the memory, I did feel that the sticks felt cooler to the touch, which will likely help increase memory life. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a difference in stock memory performance with the cooler. Running memory tests using SiSandra 2007, I achieved basically the same scores as were recorded without the fan.
The Vizo Armada II RAM cooler is a simple product that provides added decoration and also does provide extra cooling and airflow without too much of a fuss. While you might not notice a performance difference in stock applications, the reduced heat helps lengthen the life of your memory. Plus, they look pretty cool and add a nice blue glow to your computer case.
+ Silent operations
+ Easy to install with no tools needed
+ Cool blue LED
– Hard to determine if there is a performance increase
– Not as complex (but less expesnive) as other RAM coolers

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