Visiontek 8GB PC3-12800 CL9 1600 EX DDR3

The bandwidth should be as high as possible. The Visiontek beats the Patriot at this, but in the speed test the Patriot beats the Visiontek instead.


You can pick this kit up on Amazon for around 63$ while similar kits from more known brands can be picked up for about 50$ so this will be a major point for the more unknown memory manufacturer Visiontek. Overall performance was similar to the Patriot ram that we compared again but overclocking went quite well when we raised the timings. Lower timings at stock speed did not work at all, however as we can see on the results by raising the timings and increasing memory frequency we got much better results.

Overall a good ram kit; but question is… why people would pick this kit and pay 13$ more? Visiontek needs to lower the price to be able to compete which they do in performance thus far, but not in price.

+ Fast
+ Decent overclock
+ Good heatsinks except size

– Heatsinks are high
– Price!

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