Verbatim 2.5″ SATA-II SSD 128GB

AS SSD Write:

Verbatim SSD As ssd write speed

Write speeds keep impressing me since this is a SSD unit that actually sells for around 60-70$ which is the lowest I can find here in Sweden at least.

AS SSD Benchmark, Copy:

Verbatim SSD As ssd write speed

This the Copy Benchmark and here we can see that the SSD can’t keep up but overall performance is great.


This is a excellent SSD for an inexpensive price, the performance/money ratio is awesome so this is for sure a “bang for the buck” SSD at the moment.

Performance was good, write speeds were actually excellent even compared vs the Crucial and Kingston drive. Can’t say much more about this drive, it’s not SATA 3 but heck it performs excellent for being a SATA 2 SSD.


+ Decent performance
+ Cheap
+ Stable

– Not fast enogh to compare vs other drives at similar range

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