Vantec EZ swap MRK-200St-Bk


As our harddrives get faster and faster we need better cooling on the harddrives of course. Vantec has just released their new SATA EZ swap harddrive holder and cooler. It’s basically a harddrive rack with some new features as LCD display and SATA etc. We will see how this can perform with a brand new 300 Gb 16mb SATA drive and also how it can cool the drive down.

About Vantec:

Vantec Thermal Technologies Inc. was founded in 1994 with a commitment to develop and manufacture the latest PC thermal solutions. Since then the company has grown significantly, releasing products ranging from power supplies to cold cathode lights.Located in Fremont, CA, Vantec concentrates on satisfying the needs of everyone � from personal to industrial computer users.


Model MRK-200ST-BK (Full Kit)
Interface Serial ATA
Material Plastic and Aluminum alloy
Data Transfer Rate 150MB/sec
Dimension 148.0 x 42.0 x 235.5mm
117.0 x 35.0 x 216.0mm (Cartridge only)
Weight 750g (Full Kit)
420g (Cartridge only)

The product:

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Well as always the product is packed in a very well made box. Inside the harddrive rack is covered in bubble wrap and to prevent it from getting scratches. On the back of the box they have printed some features and specifications and on the front we have a picture of the drive in action.

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Included is a manual for how to mount the rack in the computer and how to connect the HDD cable that can show the HDD activity in the LCD. On the side we have four holes on each side which is standard and should fit perfect in your computer.

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The front is very nice and neat looking. You can really see that there is quality behind this product. Open the “lid” which covers the lock itself to unlock the harddrive from the rack.

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In the back we have a small 40 mm fan which is very quiet but still cools down the drive in the rack. Then we also have a cable to mount between the back of the rack and the motherboard to show the harddrive activity. Of course there is also a power and a SATA connector.

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