USB2,0 IDE TO SATA Adapter provided by Eksitdata


Today we take a look at a somewhat different product. Have you ever wanted a product that will let you connect your SATA and IDE devices from your PC to your laptop? Well if you have this device will make your day. Eksitdata sent us their latest products which is a USB 2 IDE and SATA adapter, with this you can connect IDE and SATA devices to your USB 2 port. What about performance on them since USB2 is slower? Well lets check it out.

About Eksitdata:

Eksitdata is a Varberg based company that was founded in 1997. Our customers varies from private customers to government departments. We sell our products exclusively on the Internet therefor we can offer low prices and administration fees. The products on our website is a selection of our products. We are retailers for the biggest computer companies.

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This nice new EasyCombo USB 2.0 to IDE and SATA devices turns any IDE or SATA drive into a convenient external drive. The adapter supports 2.5″ and 3.5″ IDE hard drives and CD/DVD drives as well as SATA hard drives. Blue/Red/Purple LED Indicator. Powersupply is included.

The product:

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The product comes packed in a nice box with all cables and adapters in their small little compartments to keep the separated from each other. On the box you can see the product and you can also read about how to connect the device on different devices on the back of the box.

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Manual wise you get two paper slips, one in english and one in Swedish explaining how to connect the devices. The driver cd is needed if you don’t run XP or Vista. Basic installation is to install all cables except the USB cable, set the harddrive to master, and then connect the usb cable. So basically you should connect the usb cable last otherwise it won’t recognize the devices connected to it.

You get a short little SATA cable and a mall power adapter for your devices.

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Since it might be right around your harddrive, Eksitdata have developed a small IDE extender which you can connect between your harddrive and the device. The USB cable is around 1 meter long with a silver color. I believe that the cable is also shielded against various electronic disturbance.

The power adapter works all over the world, you will have to change the power cable though to fit your plugin.

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I said earlier that the power adapter is compatible with 100-240V power lines and we can see the specifications if we look at the left picture.

On the right picture we got the device, which has a black casing and different connectors on the sides. On the top you have different leds that light up depending on the devices connected to it. The top led shows when the power cable is connected, then we got USB, IDE, and finally a SATA led. This helps you to figure out what devices you have connected to the drive without having to mess around with the cables.

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