TTesports Theron Gaming mouse

TTesports Theron Accessories TTesports Theron
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Inside the box I found  little accessories- a bag to transport or store the mouse in, stickers and a warranty info slip. The mouse is sized like most mice on the market these days and has a matte black coating, the cable is sleeved and the USB connector is gold coated.

TTesports Theron Left buttons TTesports Theron Right buttons
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The Theron is equipped with two buttons on the left side and one on the right side of the mouse. Both sides of the mouse has resting places for your finger especially for the thumb.

TTesports Theron Scroll wheel TTesports Theron Bottom
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The scrolling wheel is comfortable to use and you get a good grip of it thanks to the rubber grip they have mounted on it. The two top buttons control the DPI so you can quickly change the DPI depending on what you are going to do with the mouse.

They have placed the profile and polling rate buttons on the bottom of the mouse although they are somwhat easy to access. I would prefer the polling rate button to be on the top or the right side instead.

TTesports Theron Weights TTesports Theron Weights
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If we remove the bottom lid we can get access to the weights, you have five weights that each weigh 4.5 grams which  means you can adapt this mouse to your gameplay. I personally like heavy mice but a lot of gamers want them quite light.

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