Ttesports Shock Gaming Headset one


Ttesports Shock Gaming Headset one

The software allows you to change various sound settings like enviorment, preset settings, and turn on/off the DTS sound.

You can also setup the equalizer to your own preference and also boost mic and headphone volumes. Smaller features are a timer (dont know why its there) and also a TT logo so you can see when you have the LED’s turned on.


I have been using this headset for about 3 days now and have found them to work very well, they have a crisp and clear sound with a pretty pleasant bass. The main problem is that the sound at lower volume is not as good as at higher volumes. The DTS feature also shows itself more at high volume than at low, when listening at low volume to a movie with the DTS activated it sounds like you a listening to music while sitting on a soda can.



The sound quality is good but I think that the sound at lower volumes sound a bit like talking in a soda can, you need to boost the volume to get a clear and nice sound that is balanced with a good bass. At lower volumes the sound is very distant comapred to other headphones on the market.

The mic works great in both Skype and MSN chats with crips and clear sound. This is the most expensive headset TTesports has to offer at this point and you can pick them up for around 95$ which is a tad lower than other competitors headsets with similar specs.

Overall this is a good headset though with potential if they fix a couple of small flaws like the sound quality at lower volumes and the ear pads that don’t fit my ears to good.

+ Sound quality at higher volumes
+ Fast responding remote
+ Nice looking
+ Comfortable (except earpads)

– Earpads
– Lower volume sound quality

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