TTesports Meka G-unit mechanical keyboard



You can either install the software from the cd that is included or download it from their website.

The software is nothing special, you can play around with profiles, macros and the LED’s.


By pushing the macro button you can open up the macro menu and program the T keys.


If you don’t like how the lights run you can configure them from the light option menu.



This is a very nice mechanical keyboard, if you like the black switches this is definitely something you have to keep in mind when shopping.

It really stays in place while gaming, it is comfortable to type and play on and it has a lot of macro keys. On the other hand some will find the macro keys annoying but that is up to you to find out what your preference is.

It is also full size which I like since I do a lot of reviews and need a full size keyboard.

On a sidenote I think this keyboard is available with other Cherry MX switches also, it sells for around 110$ which is not horrible if you look at other keyboards on the market.

+ Stays in place
+ Mechanical
+ Sleeved cable
+ Full size

T-keys can be annoying at start


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