TTesports Cronos Headphones

TTesports Cronos Headphone earcups

I love the look of this headset, even though they have placed the TTesports logo on each earcup. We can see that the mic is foldable so you can get it out of your face when not using it and by moving it up you can also mute it.

TTesports Cronos Headphone usb jack

The USB connector goes on the bottom part of the left earcup.

Cronos in the dark

The outside logo looks really cool when you plug in the USB cable.



You can pick these up for around 70$ which is a reasonable price. I have found some flaws and some really cool features. Lets start with the cool features; I really like the fact that have put a lot of effort into making thme comfortable and at the same time stay cool enough for longer periods of games. It is also a nice bonus that you can easily change the cord and run them on both computers and portable devices.

The bad part on the other hand is the sound quality; don’t get me wrong as the sound is okej, but it really lacks some bass especially on a iPhone or similar that does not have enough power to power the headset.

Overall though I like them and they work great for gaming, perhaps not the best choice for music. Anyways, decent headset that you should really take a look at!

+ Comfortable
+ Both for computer and portable devices

Lack of bass

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  1. The batteries are there to power the active noise cancelling feature

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