TTesports Cronos Headphones

TTesports Cronos Headphones accessories

The red cable is to be used with mobile devices since it has a 3.5mm plugin and the cable on the right, which is sleeved, is for when you use the headphones with a computer.

We can see that the sleeved cable has both 3.5 mm connectors and also USB where the USB powers the LED’s on the headphones

TTesports Cronos Headphone remote

They have placed a remote on the cable which actually is quite decent, I have recently complained about most remotes on headsets but this does not have the annoying glossy black finish with thin crappy plastic. This one has a matte finish and you can mute the mic and also raise and lower the volume.

TTesports Cronos Headphones

When it comes to the headphones we can see that they have decided to use round earcups instead of oval like many others do, the earcups are covered in a net type of material that really breaths and you can even feel it when wearing them.

TTesports Cronos Headphones

They have put some effort by designing the headband a bit unique. This different design prevents pressure being put on your head and is divided into three pieces with added Lycra fabric to once again keep the material from breathing and also to be lighter.

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  1. The batteries are there to power the active noise cancelling feature

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