Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard

Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard
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If you look on the left picture you see a slot of some kind that I have not been able to figure out what it is meant for. The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with rubber pads and also two stands to raise the keyboard for your convenience


Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard
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The software looks similar to the headset software that we looked earlier, it’s a very easy software to use and play around with and this also has a timer so you can time your gaming I guess.

You can set the T buttons here and also load profiles and save profiles. Dont like the LED on the TT logo? The first page in the software lets you turn it on and off or change its color as you can see on the right image. You have 256 colors to choose from.

Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard
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Configuring the T buttons is quite easy, choose an action you want it to do and save the settings.



I have been testing this keyboard for some time now and finally figured out a conclusion. This keyboard has a small learning curve since the T buttons are on both the left and right sides which makes the keyboard part a tad more compact. When you figure out how to type on it though it works very nicely, the buttons are more silent than any keyboards I have worked with before.

You can pick this unit up for about 90$ from Newegg which is a pretty heavy price to pay for a keyboard. Dropping the price around 20$ they would make it compete more vs other gaming keyboards on the market. Overall though if you want a silent keyboard for gaming this would be it!

Software configuring was easy and the small fan really keeps your hands cool while gaming something I thought was not possible.

I have not really found any real flaws this far since we have had stable performance for our testing, the price is one thing though that you have to remember.

+ Silent
+ Included fan
+ Easy software
+ Macro support
+ T buttons

– Price
– Only one fan included

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  1. Yes, this mouse is quiet. Unfortunately it does not work as expected. During the day I use Logitech Performance MX. It is heavy (I like it) and reliable. With Nexus sometimes buttons do not work as expected – I have to push hard left button to click or select something on the screen. Sometimes I cannot select anything because left button works as it wants. Wheel scrolls sometimes up sometimes down – it does not matter which direction I use. Battery works fine. Much better than Logitech. I have ordered it from UK and no plans to return it but after one month I know that this mouse is not for professional usage.

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