Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard

This keyboard is the most advanced keyboard that Ttesports has at this stage. It features includes; macro buttons, fan to cool off your hands, and also USB and sound ports. How well does it perform and how does it stand against other keyboards on the market?

About Ttesports:

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Keyboard specification:
Interface: USB
Operational systems: WindowsR 7/Vista/XP
Number of Macro keys: 14
Number of Multimedia keys: 6
2.0 USB port: 2
Switch lifecycle: 10 Millions
Cable length: 2m braided
Body dimension (LxWxH): 505x 195x 27mm

Hand cooling fan specification:
Fan Speed: 6,000 RPM(±15%)
Max. airflow:2.7CFM
Noise level:21.7dB
Rate voltage: DC 5.0V
Life expectancy: 50,000 HRS
Body dimension (LxWxH): 30x30x10mm

The Product:

Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard Ttesports Challenger Ultimate Keyboard
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When it comes to Ttesports I have to admit they don’t spare any expenses on packing material or their boxes. They are colorful with big images of the product so you can see what it looks like and also read about all of its main features.

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  1. Yes, this mouse is quiet. Unfortunately it does not work as expected. During the day I use Logitech Performance MX. It is heavy (I like it) and reliable. With Nexus sometimes buttons do not work as expected – I have to push hard left button to click or select something on the screen. Sometimes I cannot select anything because left button works as it wants. Wheel scrolls sometimes up sometimes down – it does not matter which direction I use. Battery works fine. Much better than Logitech. I have ordered it from UK and no plans to return it but after one month I know that this mouse is not for professional usage.

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