Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender

Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender power button

In the back you will find a LAN port, power button and also the power port for the power adapter.

Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender size

In this final picture I decided to show you how small the Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender actually is, we placed it on a cd and as we can see it is smaller than a what a cd is.


We have been testing the laptop around the apartment now and the range extender helps us to use the laptop wifi even in dead spots. Speedwise I don’t see an increase but I do see a difference in coverage since I can stand and have good speeds even where it was completely dead before we used the range extender. Overall this has really boosted the signal strength in our apartment with thick brick walls.



The unit has performed excellent, it took me 20 seconds to set it up then it did its thing for 20 seconds and things were running without any issues.

We had issues all over the appartment except in the livingroom where the router is and the range booster solved our issues. We have seen some performance increases all over the apartment and the brick walls really don’t matter anymore as we are able to stream HD movies over the network.

39$ is what this devices cost at Newegg and it’s well worth the money if you got some issues with your Wifi at home, I definitely can recommend this Trendnet booster for a low price and good performance.


+ Easy to use
+ Easy to setup
+ Small
+ Price


– None this far


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