Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender

Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender cables

You also get a power adapter, LAN cable (cant see which CAT) and also a antenna, although it seems like you should get two antennas.

Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender cables

The device is quite small so you will be able to hide it as I mentioned earlier, it has a nice glossy black finish so it unfortunately is a magnet for dust and dirt collection.

Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender LED's

I don’t know which way is the front but I guess it’s where the LED’s are, you can see what is going on with the device by the flashing LED’s. The power one should be lit and also the last LED should be flashing when it is connected to the wireless network. By pushing the WPS button on the front left you tell the range extender to connect to your network, and it does not matter if you have a password or not since it will do the setup automatically.

Trendnet N300 Easy-N-Range Extender antennas

The back is equipped with two antenna slots which you can aim wherever you need to so you can get optimal coverage in your house or apartment. During our testing the antennas were facing the ceiling so in the test part of this review you can see the results.

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