TomTom Hands Free car kit for the iPhone

Today we are taking a look at a hands free car kit for the iPhone. TomTom has released this new kit just before the iPhone 5 was released so it has now support for 5 at this point.

Some interesting and noteworthy features are that you can hook up an external mic to get better sound in the car, and one can also hook up the phone with bluetooth to the hands free. So lets take a closer look!

About TomTom:

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Adjustable grip: Fits your iPhone with or without its cover.
Dual mounting system: Mounts on windscreen or dashboard for safety and convenience.
Landscape and portrait orientation: The ball joint allows you to rotate your phone to landscape or portrait orientation, so you can choose the best view for you.
Easy-reach answer and reject buttons: Answer and reject calls, even with your phone in your pocket.
Extendable microphone: The extendable microphone makes conversations even clearer.
Sound Boost: Quality audio with a 2 watt speaker.
One-touch voice control activation: Activate Siri or voice control with a single touch.
Fast Charging: Fast charges your phone while you’re on the go.
In the box
Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone
Microphone extension wire
Microphone sun visor clip
Microphone a-pillar clip
3 Adhesive cable clips
Fast Car Charger
Adhesive Disk
Installation poster

iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4s

The Product:

TomTom Hands Free car kit for the iPhone Box TomTom Hands Free car kit for the iPhone Accessories
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As we can see this device comes with a lot of accessories; for example you got a manual, extension cord for the mic, various mic clips and even a holder for the dashboard where you can glue it on the dashboard with a 3M sticker.

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