Thermaltake Xtunner fan controller


Today we are reviewing something that is new to me. We recieved a fan controller from Thermaltake which doesn’t have any fan knobs but is controlled by a remote control. This means you can sit on the couch and control the fans in your computer. Does it work? Well that is what we are here to find out.

About Thermaltake:

Thermaltake Was Founded in 1999. The major products are heat sink,stamping clip,CPU cooler,DC Fan, Folded fin and thermal products.

Thermaltake joined venture with Shun Fu China Factory in Feb,2000.

Expanding the Orb CNC mfg. Factory in Taiwan and China in Y2000, 2001.

Set up Global Distribution Channel in Nov. Y2000, 2001.



Device Space 5.25″ driver device
Dimension 148.4 x 42 x 68 mm
Rated Temperature 0�C~70�C
Input Voltage DC 12V
Output Voltage DC 12V
Output Channel 4 set
Max. Current / per channel 1Amp
Rated Frequency 4MHZ
Receive Distance 12m (open space)
Receive Direction 45�(+- 22.5�)

Remote contorl:

Dimension 89.9 x 54.7 x7.7 mm
Lift Exception 45000 times
Rated Temperature -10�C~60�C
Rated Frequency 4MHZ
Transmit Distance 12m (open space)
Battery Voltage 2.8V~3.2V

The product:

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This little product came very well packed in a plastic cover so you can easily see what it looks like. On the back we have a bunch of specifications on this product. All cables and parts had their own little compartment.

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Included with the unit and the remote control we have a bunch of extension cables for your fans and for the power connector. They have also included a key ring which you can mount on the remote control so you can carry it with you. The remote control is the size of a credit card and it has two buttons for increasing and decresing fan speed.

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Closer look on the cables and the key chain ring that was included. The unit itself is plugged into a 5.25 drive bay and it matches pretty much any case since it has a nice color combination of silver and black.

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