Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU Cooler


Thermaltake has been putting out quality products since 1999. Thermaltake has had its hands in everything from CPU and GPU coolers to cases and power supplies. Today we will be looking at Thermaltake’s update to their SpinQ cooler: the SpinQ VT. Join us as we analyze the cooler and test how it performs.

About Thermaltake:
Since the beginning of Thermaltake in 1999, it has been at the forefront of creating new and exciting products at a time where most computer users were provided little to no choices for components that may seem irrelevant, but in reality crucial to the performance of a PC.
With its comprehensive line of products available, it enables Thermaltake’s core customers to enjoy a one-stop-shop experience, reduce product design-in evaluation period and most important of all, flawless integration process. Each of Thermaltake’s strengths enables its customer to focus on their core business while taking advantage of the skills and efficiency of a single thermal management solution partner.
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Intel® Latest 6-Core Processors
Intel® Core i7 Extreme (Socket LGA1366)
Intel® Core i7 (Socket LGA1366 & LGA1156)
Intel® Core i5 / i3 (Socket LGA1156)
Intel® Core 2 Extreme / Quad / Duo  (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Pentium D / 4 (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Pentium (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Celeron D (Socket LGA775)
Intel® Celeron (Socket LGA775)

AMD® Latest 6-Core Processors
AMD® Phenom II X6 / X4 / X3 / X2 (Socket AM3/AM2+)
AMD® Phenom X4 / X3 (Socket AM3/AM2+)
AMD® Athlon II X4 / X3 / X2 (Socket AM3)
AMD® Athlon 64 FX / X2 (Socket AM2/939)
AMD® Athlon 64 (Socket AM2/939/754)
AMD® Sempron (Socket AM2/939/754)

* Supports All CPUs up to 130W TDP

Heatsink Dimension
120.1 (L) x 120.1 (W) x 159 (H) mm
4.73 (L) x 4.73 (W) x 6.26 (H) inch
Heatsink Material
50 Copper Fins + Copper & Aluminum Base
Ø 6mm x 6
Fan Dimension
Ø 80 x 85 mm
Fan Speed
1000 ~ 1600 RPM
Bearing Type
Noise Level
19 ~ 28 dBA
Max. Air Flow
86.5 CFM
Max. Air Pressure
2.22 mmH2O
Ruby LED Fan
Power Connector
3 Pin
Rated Voltage
12 V
Started Voltage
7 V
Rated Current
0.45 A
Power Input
5.4 W
50,000 Hours
495 g
The Product:

Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU Cooler Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU  Cooler

Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU  Cooler Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU   Cooler
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The Thermaltake SpinQ VT comes in a flat black box with white lettering. The top and the bottom of the box are white with gray/silver lettering. The front of the box has a shiny image of the cooler that shows off its lustrous appearance with the fan’s red lights showing through the fins. The sides of the box show the features and specifications of the cooler.

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