Thermaltake Ramorb Review

Our toughts on the Ramorb

With todays fast ram sticks the heat issue is what stops overclockers from going forward. Because of this we have seen a few manufacturers that made new heatsinks for their ram sticks. Thermaltake has another solution on the market, it’s actually a ram cooler with a fan on it. Now I have seen Thermaltake make products like this in the past but they have never really hit the market so I am quite curious to see if this can actually perform so lets get this show on the road.

About Thermaltake:

” Ideas originate from humanity, realizing ideas is our belief. ”
Kenny Lin, Thermaltake CEO.

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.
started its core business based on our extensive knowledge of PC thermal management during the era where the area of performance CPU cooling was only exclusive for “overclockers” orPC enthusiasts.

With the company’s initial launch of Orb coolers, it created waves of shocks and appraisals throughout the gaming and overclocking communities. Thermaltake quickly became the name gamers turn to when they need high-end and reliable thermal solutions.

With company’s core business of CPU cooling still growing at a vast rate, Thermaltake made another grand entry to the PC chassis industry. To date, Thermaltake has always been considered as the pioneering company that revolutionized the PC chassis industry with Xaser series enclosures. The typical and traditional beige and plastic front panel design was outdone by Xaser series chassis’s atypical gaming red and aluminum front panel. It was also the first enclosure available to public with Hardcano unti which provided users full control over computer’s thermal management system.

In the year 2002, Thermaltake announced Purepower line of power supply unti for the ever-growing power-hungry PCs. Purepower series PSU quickly gained recognition with its extensive warranty and high-reliability guaranty.

Today, Thermaltake has grown into a world-class company with state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility based in Taiwan along with 60+ engineers and ID team covering each application segment such as Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, PC Enclosure and Power Supply for main-stream users, high-end solutions, system integrators and industrial applications; thus achieve Thermaltake’s company motto, ” COOLall YOUR LIFE ” !

Dimension 155(L) x 17(W) x 105(H) mm
Heatsink Thermal Module Ø 6mm Heatpipe + Copper fin
Heat spreader  Aluminum
Fan Dimension Ø 50 x 10 mm
Rated Voltage 12V
Started Voltage 8V
Consuming Power 1.8W
Fan Speed 4500 RPM
Max. Air Flow 8.18CFM
Max. Air Pressure 1.67 mmH2O
Noise 20 dBA
Life Expectation 50,000hrs
Connector 4 Pin
Weight 136g

The product:

Thermaltake Ramorb Review Thermaltake Ramorb Review
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We actually recieved two sticks of Gskill ram in our packages that suprised us. Gskill have apparently teamed up with Thermaltake which can end up being a really good co operation. The coolers and sticks of ram came in two separate boxes with one of each in them. On the back of the boxes you got some main features and specifications when it comes to the ram cooler itself. This device is DDR3 compatible which makes it very attractive for the market at this stage.

Thermaltake Ramorb Review Thermaltake Ramorb Review
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You will also get some tools to remove and so you can mount the heatsinks back on to the ram sticks. The heatsink and fan are connected to each other through a heatpipe that transfers the heat from the heatsink to the fan which is supposed to remove the heat from the unit.

Thermaltake Ramorb Review Thermaltake Ramorb Review
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The fan is equipped with nice blue leds which are quite hard to see on this picture but they really do light up the case and give it a nice glow.

In normal stock usage these coolers do keep the ram kits cool, I found this out by measuring the temperature on the heatsinks at stock speed and comparing vs another memory kit from another manufacturer with a stock heatsink. We also tested the kit under some overclocking and we also boosted the ram voltage with 0.3V to actually see if we noticed a difference in stability.

We boosted our ram up to 290FSB and I have to admit that they feel a bit cooler than without a fan so I decided to remove the heatsink and squeezed on some generic ram coolers. After some testing and burn in the results were positive, the fan does cool of the ram better than traditional heatsinks but it also will increase your noiselevel a bit even though they only push out 20dB .

This ram cooler kit is fairly new on the market so it might be hard for you to find but I think you really should take a few minutes to find a seller that holds these as they can really give you a slight boost in your overclocking attempts. I don’t think I can tell you much more of this kit more than it does not make to much noise and it will help you. They were well packed and they feel like high quality ram coolers, we will give this our recommended award.

+ Cools your ram
+ Cool blue glow
+ Well packed
+ Low noise

– Takes up some extra space in the case

Thermaltake Ramorb Review

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