Thermaltake Circle fire multi media kit


This little gadget kind of reminds me of Coolermasters Museketeer but it’s not the same and does not have the same functions. I got this from Thermaltake and they call if Circlefire. What can this thing do then? Well let’s check it out.

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The unit has seven different colors you can choose from on the displays. I will show them all and we can see that we have red and dark blue for example.

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Green and also a lighter green which almost looks like yellow on the picture 🙂

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The colors are changed by pushing a button on the front of the product. You can also get the colors to switch automatically but in my personal opinion that gets kind of annoying after awhile. Well here we light blue and a purple…

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On the right picture we can see the unit in action. As told before the leds jump up and down with the beat and the so does the gages. The speaker in the middle works ok but it’s not the best you have heard which you should probably not expect from a product like this.


Is this the most necessary product you will buy? Maybe not, but it sure makes your computer look cooler which is what it’s meant to do. The speaker (2W) works ok but I don’t really know why they have put it there as I find it more annoying than fun to listen to after awhile. Headphones work better in my opinion but that’s just me. It sure makes the case look cool though. The prodcut is well made and also well packed with cables and manual. I could not find a price for this but I doubt it will be much more than 25-30$, higher than that would be to much in my opinion. All in all we give this product 3 out of 5 for a nice product that gives your case a cool look.


+ Cool looking
+ 7 different colors
+ Well packed
+ Good manual


– Speaker should be better if they intend to include one
– Shows only sound nothing else

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