The Top Gaming Laptops of 2016

This year may still be in the early months but there are many manufacturers already competing to make this year’s best gaming laptop. These gadgets are powerful and portable, just what every player wants from their rig.
The main criticism that owners of gaming laptops come under is those who say the laptop is less powerful than the desktop version. The entry from Origin, the EON15-X, quashes this criticism in an instant with a desktop grade CPU. One of the flashier laptops on the list, the EON15-X features a chroma lit keyboard that looks cool whether you’re playing the Witcher 3 or on bingo sites on


For those that think the EON15-X is a bit bulky the Aorus X3 Plus v3 is a completely different ball game. This thin and light gaming laptop is sleek and black, without being as heavy as other laptops on the market. It doesn’t feel cheap either, as it’s reinforced with an aluminium case that makes it feel much sturdier than it looks. The three USB 3.0 inputs allow players to use their choice of peripheral on the 14 inch screen.


One of the most powerful gaming laptops out there is the MSI GT80 Titan, which is basically a folded up desktop computer. This incredibly high powered machine is also quite big and clunky, which slightly defeats the purpose of a portable device. The mechanical keyboard on this laptop is a dream and this makes every game that bit more special. Weighing in at close to 10lbs this laptop really pushes the boundaries of what you could call easily portable.


The HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook is unquestionably the best gaming laptop for those who don’t want to spend thousands. HP have strived to create a laptop that has all of the essential kit inside without it costing as much as others. Although gamers can’t expect to get the same performance as the rigs that cost double or even triple the price. The love it or hate it feature of the kit comes from the colour scheme of the keyboard, which is illuminated with a lime green under light.


Another fantastic addition to the HP catalogue came with the advent of the HP Omen, which certainly looks the part. This laptop is wafer thin and backlit with different colours of keys, which make the keyboard easy to customise. The laptop does have its flaws too though, as there may have been just a touch too much form over function. In order to make the appearance as sleek the USB ports and other inputs have been moved to the back of the machine, which isn’t ideal for portable gaming.

Alienware get a lot of flak for their gaming laptops but their Alienware 17 setup is one of their better creations. This huge 17 inch machine is a bit more expensive than others of the same spec on the market but players are really paying for the brand name. Nevertheless the specs speak for themselves and this is one laptop that could contend for the top spot.

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