The Razer Anansi Review

Buying the perfect gaming keyboard for MMOs or MOBA games often involves long hours of research. There are many keyboards out there that offer lots of customizable keys but unless your gaming involves a level of professionalism, keyboards such as these are just as good as any level-entry equipment. Additionally, there are MMO keyboards that feature very minimal customization options that come with a sleek design and software functionality. In between those two kinds of keyboards is the Razer Anansi, which is a smartly crafted MMO/MOBA keyboard that offers a range of customizable keys, impressive software support, and a sleek design that Razer is well known for.

Here are some of the keyboard’s features from the manufacturer’s website:

– 7 thumb modifier keys
– 100+ programmable keys
– One-button profile switching (awesome for backlighting your Alliance characters blue and Horde characters red …)
– Five additional macro buttons
– Media keys
– Gaming mode option

First, let’s begin with the obvious. Razer products aren’t known for their simplicity, and the Anansi is no different. Its multi-colored keys that glow from time to time are aesthetically pleasing and helps give the keyboard an identity of its own. The build has a soft, rubberized finish that keeps oil and fingerprints from sticking to the buttons after long hours of playing.

Managing and creating macros using the keyboard are easy. All users have to do is record keys with or without time delays, and then record and insert a revised delete, delay, or switch the key. The keyboard’s software also allow users to choose from a range of commands such as copy or close that should be useful for games that are abundant in micro-managing strategies.

Whether you’re in a MOBA clash or MMO raid, many other keyboards won’t allow you to quickly launch the macro editing program. With the Anansi keyboard, however, you’d be able to launch it with just a tap of a key. The macro editing program records delays, which makes is not only great for recording personalized attacks or defenses for MOBA or MMO, but also your own keymaps when playing fighting games such as Street Fighter or Tekken.

Gaming keyboards are still necessary tools for playing despite the takeover of smartphones over the likes of PCs and consoles. While touchscreens are convenient, they still cannot replace the accuracy and sharpness of a keyboard. Entertainment company Gaming Realms, the operator behind new gaming ideas such as Spin Genie’s Slingo Slots, documented in a blog post that mobile Internet surpassed the two billion penetration mark globally. Which means that more consumers are now playing games, and accessing content via their smartphones than ever before. And while smartphone penetration rates are going through the roof – there will always be a market for keyboards, hardcore gaming titles regardless of tech innovations.

The Razer Anansi may have a hefty price tag of $99.99 but its features make the price worth it. With a well thought-of design for quick keys and an impressive macro-editing setup, the Razer Anansi is a keyboard that’s hard to top.

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