Tesoro Shrike Gaming Mouse

Tesoro Shrike bottom

Nothing too fancy to show about the bottom more than you can find the little weight slot in the bottom back of the mouse, it is pulled out on the image.


Shrike Software

The software is quite nice now that I had a chance to look at it this time 🙂

There is plenty of settings to play around with, you can change DPI, lift distance , LED colors and much more.



I like this mouse a lot, I have not found anything bad about it yet. Some sort of flaw always pops up eventually but at this point I think that it is quite awesome.

The mouse responds very well to movements and the DPI settings really make it quick if you like a very sensitive mouse.

It is also really comfortable to use and the weights makes it a good mouse for a bigger market.

We will for sure recommend this mouse!

+ Quick performance
+ Tons of settings
+ Weights

None this far


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