Tesoro Gungnir H5 Optical Gaming Mouse

Tesoro Gungnir H5 Optical Gaming Mouse LED's

As I mentioned earlier this mouse has a few LED’s mounted under the cover, to be more exact there is five of them, well six if you include the scroll wheel I guess.

Tesoro Gungnir H5 Optical Gaming Mouse

Even the logo lights up which gives it a very nice look, cudos on this to Tesoro.



The software is quite basic, it allows you to save your settings in profiles and also change the button configurations. By pushing the silver arrow you can open up another menu to change lift distance, DPI etc.



This is a nice mouse for overall daily use but I did not think it was comfortable for longer gaming sessions, the pretty neutral shape makes it work for both left and right handed but I just don’t think it’s comfortable while gaming. It looks nice which is a positive feature and will be a popular sales point, the purple color also should make it sell better especially to female buyers. It should have had rounded corners and edges which would have made it a tad more comfortable perhaps.

Its a decent mouse no doubt about it but a gamers main choice of a mouse, no. You can pick it up for 40$ from places like Newegg.

Overall a nice looking mouse that works well for normal surfing but it really lacks in the comfort area.

Nice looking
+ Sleeved cable
+ Buttons and scroll wheel

No weights

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