Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Mechanical keyboard


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If we look at the software, it looks half done according to me. It does what it is supposed to be the design of it is just way behind what I would demand 2012. Roccat is good at making decent software and I expect nothing else from the others on the market.

You can change profiles and button configurations in the software though so it does what it is supposed to do.



I have tested this keyboard in various games, actually I used it at our latest LAN party for about 15 hours straight and I had no issues during that time.

The red cherry MX suits me well as it works well for typing and gaming. The Durandal performs well and feels comfortable to type on even after typing on a Microsoft Natural keyboard for the past 10 years. I personally took off the hand/wrist rest but I did try with it on and it is comfortable as long as you sit at a desk and type.

Overall a VERY nice mechanical keyboard that you can pick up for around 140$-160$ at this point, since it is a new company availability is not the best at this point.

We will give the keyboard our recommendations for a very comfortable keyboard at a fair price.

Nice to type on
+ Nice to game on
+ High quality feeling
+ Sleeved cables

Software feels incomplete
– Hand rest removal

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