Tesoro Colada Mechanical Keyboard

Tesoro Colada Mechanical Keyboard

They have bolted the case parts together with  these very nice matching bolts.

Tesoro Colada Mechanical Keyboard back

The bottom is equipped with several pads which are an anti slip rubber material to prevent the keyboard from moving. The weight of it also really helps in that aspect since the keyboard weighs a whooping 1.56Kg.

Tesoro Colada Mechanical Keyboard leds

The keyboard is equipped with LED’s under the keys and also on the sides as we can see. Pretty trendy looking I have to admit even though I’m not a huge fan of LED’s these days.


No software available at this point.



This is a very nice keyboard overall, it has its issues but since it’s a preview keyboard I’m not going to list them since I want to wait for the final version to arrive so I have a chance to see if these cons are still valid.

It is very nice to type on and I hope it will be available with all the different Cherry MX switches and that they keep this cool looking aluminum case that they have decided to use.

Overall a very cool looking keyboard with some cool features both for gaming and normal daily usage.

Full size
+ Nice looking
+ Extra macro keys
+ Software
+ Sleeved cable

None thus far


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