Tesoro Colada Mechanical keyboard




The software works but I have to admit I have seen nicer looking software.

You can play around with profiles and button configurations for example.



This keyboard sells for around 139$ which I think is on the low side compared to other mechanical keyboards. I personally like the keyboard a lot and if it has a plastic enclosure I’m sure I would keep it but I have a hard time getting used to the aluminum enclosure so that is something you have to think about before buying the Colada.

Overall though a very nice keyboard and I really have to admit that I think the Cherry MX brown that I’m using might be my favorite.

Im going to give this our recommendations !

Update 2014-01-31:

I forgot to mention that if you change profiles in the software it automaticlly changes color on the LED’s that are mounted on the sides, a cool little feature that I actually missed.

Nice looking
+ Available in various Cherry MX switch colors
+ Sleeved cable
+ Comfortable
+ Good response

Takes time to get used to the aluminum


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