Tesoro Colada Mechanical keyboard

Today we once again are taking a look at a product from Tesoro. We’re reviewing their latest creation that is named the Colada. It is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is available in various Cherry MX switches but todays sample has the brown switches. It seems to be a cool keyboard with its aluminum enclosure… so lets get on with the review.

About Tesoro:

Read more about Tesoro by clicking this link, http://www.tesorotec.com/tesoro/about-tesoro.html


• Switch type: Cherry MX Red linear mechanical switch
• Switch mount: 18k gold plated backed
• Actuation force: 45g
• Key shape: Cylindrical
• Responsiveness: 2mm (4mm to bottom)
• Cable length: 1.55m (braided & shielded)
• Laser etched keycaps
• Audio & USB 2.0 Hub
• Media function buttons

Find more specificaitons on their website, http://www.tesorotec.com/gaming-keyboard/tesoro-colada-saint-g3nl-aluminum-backlit-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html

The Product:

Tesoro Colada Mechanical keyboard

Well since I live in a temporary place I don’t have the normal gear to make reviews;  so you are going to have to live with the pictures I can come up with 🙂

The Colada came packed in this cool box.

Tesoro Colada Mechanical keyboard drivers

Inside the box the keyboard was packed in foam and also had a plastic cover on top of it, under it I found the folder with the software and also warranty slips among other papers.

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