Tesoro Aegis Mousepad

Tesoro Aegis Mousepad logo

Among all the colors on the mousepad they also placed a Tesoro logo, which blends in nice and it actually looks very nice.

On this picture we can see that the finish is a tad glossy, this is the 3D fabric that they market. The question remains though; how well will it work?

Tesoro Aegis Mousepad

They also put their actual logo on each side of the pad, the glossy purple and black really go well together and the fabric makes it look awesome.

Tesoro Aegis Mousepad bottom

Like most mousepads this also has a rubber non slip base to keep the mousepad in place while gaming, I can safely say that this rubber base really does its job.

Tesoro Aegis Mousepad size

To show you the size of the pad I decided to put my iPhone 4 and its cover on it and as we can see there is plenty of space to game on without having to worry about sliding of the mousepad.

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