Targus USB 2.0 Multi-Monitor Adapter

When sitting on a laptop for example you might want to run dual or triple screens, however on a laptop you rarely have more than one or two plugins for screens. Targus has a solution for this, by plugging their Multi monitor adapter into a USB port you will be able to plug in another screen to your computer. The question that immedietely comes up in my head is, can I game and use a computer without lag running this device? Lets figure out if it’s possible!

About Targus:
Read more on the website, http://www.targus.com/uk/about.asp

Convenient: Connect your laptop to an external monitor via USB

Compatible: Supports resolutions up to 2048 X 1152 including 1600 x 1200

Multi screen support -Add up to six additional monitors to your laptop, by connecting up to six adapters directly to your laptop or through a USB hub or docking station

Flexible – Choose between extending your desktop onto the secondary monitor, mirroring your laptop screen, or switching off your laptop screen and using the external monitor as your main screen

USB powered -no external power required

Productive: Combined with Targus Video docking station ACP51EUZ, expand you view over two external monitors


Colour Black
Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7
Device Dimensions Cable Length 0.48m
Exterior Dimensions 78x 48x 19mm
Material Plastic
Warranty 2 years
Weight 0.065kgs

The Product:

Targus USB 2.0 Multi-Monitor Adapter Targus USB 2.0 Multi-Monitor Adapter
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This little adapter comes packed in this box, the adapter is quite small with the main adapter part and the USB cable part.

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  1. Steveklein4 says

    I currently own an MSI N285GTX SuperPipe OC. I’m trying to
    find a second one for SLI, but can’t seem to find one available anywhere. Do
    you happen to have one that is expendable? Even if it’s used, I would be
    interested. I know this GPU is older and outdated now, and I can buy any other
    285 model and make it work for SLI, but I like the look of this MSI card and
    want both to be the same. My case is a showpiece with glass and lots of lights,
    so this is more an esthetic issue for me.


    Steve Klein




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