Ozone Neon Precision Laser Mouse

Are you left handed? Right handed? It does not matter because today we are testing a mouse that is ambidextrous which means that it works for both! Ozone sent us their Neon laser gaming mouse that we are going to test for a bit. About Ozone: Find out more about Ozone on their website, http://ozonegaming.com/about-us/ Specifications: […]

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Ozone Onda Pro Headset

Time for another gaming headset review, we are today going to take a look at the Onda Pro from Ozone. This headset is even used by Pro gamers so I expect quite a bit from them. They look comfortable since the earcups fully cover your ear… so let´s get on with the review. About Ozone: […]

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Ozone headset

Our new sponsor ozone hooked us up with their latest headset, Onda 3HX