Zalman LED Desk lamp

You have most likely read or heard of Zalman before. They are well known when it comes to cases, fans, fan controllers, cpu coolers and a lot of different products; but what you have probably not heard of is that Zalman now makes a LED Desk lamp. This is a world first as far as […]

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AOC I2757FM LED IPS Screen

Need a new monitor? AOC has released a very nice 27 inch  LED IPS screen with the modelnumber AOC 12757FM. This new IPS screen has some cool features like HL™ interface (Mobile High-Definition Link) high-resolution photos, videos and games that can be displayed directly from a smartphone or tablet PC and ECO mode. Lets find […]

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AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor

Today we are taking a look at a new monitor from AOC that is USB powered. Our concerns are that if this unit is able to play fast games, what type of picture quality can we expect, etc… so let’s get on with this review. About: Read more on their website, Specifications: LINE: Monitor Line […]

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