Aoc 12757fm Led screen

Got a new sceeen from Aoc to review so if you sait a few weeks it should be done.

Arctic Cooling Z2 Monitor Arm

Many of us use multiple monitors with our desktop rigs. Arctic Cooling has launched a new interesting product called Z2 Monitor Arm. It is a single monitor stand designed for two up to 27″ TFT screens. With Z2 you can easily make your desktop look neater, and have your monitors the way you want them […]

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AOC E2251FWU USB Monitor

Today we are taking a look at a new monitor from AOC that is USB powered. Our concerns are that if this unit is able to play fast games, what type of picture quality can we expect, etc… so let’s get on with this review. About: Read more on their website, Specifications: LINE: Monitor Line […]

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