Attitude One Kamaz Wrist rest

When you game your wrists tend to get tired after awhile, we know there are arm rests for keyboards in general but are there also useful ones for gaming? There is at least one from Attitude One, they have released the Kamaz wrist rest that is aimed towards the gamers; we are going to test this […]

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Func Surface 1030 XL mousepad

Func was a big company back in the day when the mousepad starting meaning something in the gaming world. In early 2000 the Ratpad, Icemat and Func were the leading mousepads on the market but suddenly Funs dissapeard. Now they are back! Well in a sense they are “back” -however they do not want to […]

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GX Gaming, by Genius: Maurus Professional FPS/RTS Gaming Mouse

We have an interesting product to take a look at today, it is making its entrance into the now crowded pro gaming mouse genre.  This is the first product I’ve seen from GX Gaming.  GX Gaming is the gaming arm of parent company KYE Systems; who operate under the Genius trade name.  I know that’s a a […]

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