Mionix Ensis 320 Luna Mousepad

I have seen alot of mousepads in the past,  especially between 2000-2002 when companies experimented with various materials such as glass, cloth, plastic, rubber etc. Mionix has released an aluminum alloy based mousepad named Ensis 320 Luna I’m curious how well this will perform, especially since most manufacturers use a rubber/plastic mix these days. Can they […]

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Func Surface 1030 XL mousepad

Func was a big company back in the day when the mousepad starting meaning something in the gaming world. In early 2000 the Ratpad, Icemat and Func were the leading mousepads on the market but suddenly Funs dissapeard. Now they are back! Well in a sense they are “back” -however they do not want to […]

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Roccat Hiro Gaming mousepad

Today we are taking a look at a mousepad from Roccat, they sent us their Hiro mousepad which has a cloth/plastic mix mousepad with a nice rubber bottom. Lets get on with this review and figure out if the Hiro is something to consider  for gaming. About Roccat: Read more on their website, http://www.roccat.org/ROCCAT-SCENE/ Features: VULCANIZED SILICONE […]

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