Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse

Software and Testing


Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse
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When testing this mouse we ran firmware version 1.4.2 which is the most current firmware up to date. Our first shot of the software shows the button assignment menu where you can assign functions to each button and also change if this will be used as a left or right handed mouse.

The second screen shows movement functions such as;  ExactRate, Exactaim, etc which comes in handy when gaming. As you might have noticed the Profiles are listed under every meny for easy access.

Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse Steelseries Xai Gaming Mouse
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The third menu shows the normal Window settings like you can set under mouse properties. Here you can set the normal scroll, double click, and pointed speed.

The final picture shows the fourth and last menu with a few images of the mouse, software, firmware versions, and also allows you to change languange on the software to access the Steelseries website.


Windows Vista has a sample rate lock at 125Hz and we disabled that and ran the Mouse rate checker to see what type of Hz count to expect. We had tops at 1066Hz but on average we had around ~960Hz during the testing. This means that there should be no major lagg during gaming and as we did our normal test run with a FPS game and a strategy game we did not notice any lagg at all. During our FPS testing sessions we noticed that the mouse was really exact on the movements and had fast reactions, just make sure to set all the settings your way before playing.



Well this is a cool mouse I have to admit, it’s comfortable to use even though it’s made for both left and right handed people. I actually ended up replacing my own old mouse with this one for my main setup due to the fact it’s so comfortable and very easy to work with.

It almost came up to the 1000Hz limit as it says in specs and ~960Hz is really nothing to complain about, I had no lagg at all in games or normal usage and I really doubt you will find any either.

The software was very easy to work with and also very logical, even a beginner user could set this mouse up without any issues. The only thing I wish this mouse would have had is a 10$ lower pricetag to actually really compete with Roccat and other mice on the market but as said I swapped for this on my main rig so if you got the extra 10$ it sure is worth it.

+ Comfortable
+ Sleeved cabled
+ 1000Hz
+ Easy profiles
+ No lagg

– Wish it was 10$ cheaper to compete with others

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