Steelseries World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming mouse

World of Warcraft needs no further introduction, the biggest MMO ever has opened the manufacturers eyes years ago when they started creating products for this game. Steelseries recently released their latest WoW mouse that is a wireless edition with long battery time and is supposed to provide a comfortable gaming experience. Lets find out how well the Steelseries World of Warcraft Wireless gaming mouse performs.

About Steelseries:

Curious about Steelseries? Then you can find more information on their website,


Read all features and specifications about the Wireless WoW Mouse at their website,

The Product:

Steelseries World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming mouse box Steelseries World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming mouse box
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As usual Steelseries product are well packed in nice attractive boxes, this box actually opens up so you can see the mouse.

Inside I found the mouse, docking station and the usb cable that powers the docking station or mouse.

Steelseries World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming mouse led side Steelseries World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming mouse right side
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Both sides of the mouse are equipped with buttons so you can easily play PVP or raid without having to use a lot of hot keys. The left side has five buttons total which are all reachable by the thumb. The right side has one button that you can reach with your pinky finger but it is placed a bit odd, I personally would have liked it a bit further forward for easier access.

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  1. i like it.

  2. Can you bind “Scroll Up” and “Scroll Down”? Also, how long does the battery last between charges?

  3. The scroll wheel on the mouse can move 3 directions. You can depress it in a downward motion just like any button and you can also scroll the wheel “up” and you can scroll the wheel “down”. Scroll wheel up/down is usually by default used to control the camera zoom in most MMO’s. If I wanted to bind the “1” key to scroll “Up” and the number “2” key to scroll “Down”, does the software allow me to do so like in previous generations of the mouse?
    Also can this Wireless generation of the WoW MMO gaming mouse works with ALL games including non-MMO’s? The previous versions would not.

  4. There’s not a single picture of the entire keyboard in this review.

  5. For me it is also a review of the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate gaming keyboard and there is also no pictures of a full keyboard. No biggie, know what they look like.

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