Steelseries SRW-S1 Racing Wheel

In action:



This steering wheel feels very durable and solid overall, I bet my kid could play around with it without damaging it.

Both sides have rubber grips which feel comfortable even after a longer gaming session, although my arms got tired. Since it has no holder or stand your arms will get tired for awhile and it also has a learning curve. Other than this I don’t have much to complain about, I miss force feedback but I can live without it.

Sensitivity and responsiveness feel great, I thought in the beginning that it might not be fast enough but it feels great to play everything from Formula 1 to racing games to Dirt 2.

I am happy with this steering wheel and suprised how well it works for racing games. I will award it our editors choice award and await version 2 with Force feedback 🙂

+ Easy to install
+ Easy to configure
+ Comfortable grip
+ Works on a lot of racing games
+ Overall very cool looking
+ Saves space

– Learning curve
– No Force Feedback

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  1. this is a hands on, not a review.

    you missed this:

    1 – dead zone test on both analogs sticks and triggers
    2 – trigger response and feel, as well as analog sticks
    3 – are buttons light or heavy to press?

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