Steelseries SRW-S1 Racing Wheel

Today we take a look at a racing wheel from Steelseries. It’s been awhile since we looked at a wheel;  I believe the last one was the Logitech G27 review we made a few years back.

This new SRW-S1 wheel does not look like most, it actually has no stand nor holder so you hold it in your hands and use it like a normal wheel and it reacts to your motions.

It is also shaped like a Formula 1 steering wheel with all its buttons and functions so lets get on with the review.

About Steelseries:

Curious about Steelseries, read more on their website,


Read about all the features and specifications on their website,

The Product:

Steelseries SRW-S1 Racing Wheel package Steelseries SRW-S1 Racing Wheel
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As I mentioned earlier in the review this steering wheel is shaped like the Formula 1 cars steering wheel, it has loads of various settings built into it, although it’s shaped like a F1 steering wheel it doesn’t mean you can’t use it in various cars games. There is a knob you twist and you adjust steering sensitivy which allows you to use it for other racing games.

Inside this box you will find a spec slip and a card with 10$ in-game money for Simeraceway which is a online based racing game where you can compete vs others and buy cars etc.

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  1. this is a hands on, not a review.

    you missed this:

    1 – dead zone test on both analogs sticks and triggers
    2 – trigger response and feel, as well as analog sticks
    3 – are buttons light or heavy to press?

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