Steelseries Flux headphones

Steelseries Flux headband Steelseries Flux ear cushions
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As I mentioned earlier the headband is on the thinner side which makes them far more comfortable to wear due to their low weight.

The leather ear cushions are very comfortable and don’t even irritate me even after an hour of gaming.

Steelseries Flux black side plates

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According to Steelseries there should be various side plates available but I have only found the two that are inclued with the headphones, I guess more might become available in the future.



This is a very nice headset/headphone with excellent sound quality. You can pick them up for around 100$ in the states. The sound is clear and crip with a nice mid toned bass that is very comfortable and pleasant to listen to. The Flux are  comfortable on your head and even after a few hours of gaming I have no problems with the headphones being on top of my ears. What I mean with that is that since these don’t cover your whole ear they could get very uncomfortable after awhile.

I have not found any real flaws with them thus far, the only problem is that I would like differecent colored sideplates and also a new cord since my cat chewed one of them 🙂

If you want very nice light weight headset/headphone combo the Flux should definitely be something that you should look at.

+ Sound quality
+ Light weight
+ Separate headphone cable

Availability of side plates and spare cables
– Price


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